Transfer 02/2008

Articles from Transfer magazine 02/2008

Digital manufacturing in the real world
Virtual technology brings factory planning to life
Clean – without compromising quality
A cleaning system for CNC turned parts 
Going with the flow – perfectly in time
Organizing continuous assembly operations on multi-variant machines 
Gaining competitive advantage through material efficiency
Workshop on the VerMat sponsorship program 
SHB student introduces new heating technology to the United States Craftsmanship, made in Germany
From manufacturer to manufacturing service provider
Services start shifting center-stage 
kvwmap – GIS development for communities and district councils
Geodata geared to each user 
Cross-border technology transfer
Steinbeis helps companies identify potential partners outside Germany 
Real Language – authentic learning
Modern corpus technologies for foreign language classes 
Getting to the heart of the matter
Analyzing material layers using nanotechnology 
Exporting energy efficiency
Examining energy-efficient technologies and services for foreign markets 
Moderated workshops help improve efficiency
Evaluating and developing a business in the software industry
Design for Six Sigma
Creativity and discipline – successful innovation management calls for both 
Testing high loads
High-speed test machine for investigation of elastomers 
POINT OF VIEW | Barriers and open doors with “HR Business Partners”
An HR concept is translated into practice 
Cue… action!
TQU runs task forces for developing Management System 2.0 
Ready for matrix management?
Solving problems successfully with dynamic standards 
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Transfer 02/2008

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