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Certified competence

The Steinbeis consulting certificate

Constantly changing market conditions and growing demands on small and medium-sized enterprises are presenting business consultants with massive challenges. Not only does this new environment demand the competence to identify core problems through analytical approaches and develop practical measures, it also almost requires consultants to become a trusted partner to the business management level in the implementation of these measures. The Steinbeis consulting certificate documents the expert and methodological suitability of a consultant for interested customers.

Small and medium-sized companies are still shy in taking advantage of consultation offerings despite the acute need for these services. One reason for this is the sheer volume of offerings available and the poor transparency over quality of the service providers. It appears anyone can be a professional business consultant; there are no uniform education and training requirements and no uniform standards.

This is where recognition as a Steinbeis-Certified Consultant comes in. The certificate offers companies assurance for quality-certified consulting. Consultants are given a certificate that sets them apart from others in the field in that it documents their suitability and experience for customers to see. It is the first formal certification of its kind introducing a standardized professional profile for consultants. It acts as an unmistakable reference for high quality consulting services, makes the business more transparent and gives customers a measure of assurance and trust.

EXI startup bonus

Steinbeis consulting in the pre-startup phase

Steinbeis has been authorized by the Ministry for Finance and Economics in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany to carry out pre-startup consultations within the scope of the European Social Fund (ESF) sponsorship program “EXI Startup Bonus – In-depth consulting for company founders during the pre-startup phase”.

The aim of the program is to expand on the current offerings for pre-startup consulting and position more (potential) startup founders to benefit from qualified pre-startup consulting. In addition, the program has been designed to deliver more focused consulting for growth-oriented business startups, which may have more acute consulting needs than average startups due to the complex nature of their planned business ventures. Qualified Steinbeis consultants support new founders from initial business conception to successful operation in the development and implementation of the startup plan. The offerings include free brief consulting sessions and intensive consulting sessions spanning several days for technologically oriented and innovative startups in Baden-Wurttemberg.

Key consulting areas include:

  • Founder character/personality (competence assessment, profile of competence and requirements)
  • Motivation for founding the startup
  • Business plan
  • Strategy and organization
  • Marketing and sales
  • Finance and management accounting

Consultants wanted!

Sponsorship through ESF program

The Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Coaching has been authorized by the Ministry for Finance and Economics in Baden- Wurttemberg, Germany, to carry out projects within the framework of the European Social Fund (ESF) sponsorship program for “Coaching” and “Qualifications Consulting & Human Resources Development”.

Steinbeis consultants can support, consult, and coach companies in the development and implementation of business strategies. To this end, they can apply for subsidies from the German state of Baden-Wurttemberg.

Sponsorship program for “Coaching”

Coaching measures related to the follow topics are applicable for sponsorship:

  • Plans for innovation
  • Cooperation
  • Reductions in energy consumption
  • Demographic change
  • Company handovers

Sponsorship for up to 15 work days is available for each of the topics listed above.

Sponsorship program for “Qualifications Consulting & Human Resources Development”
Coaching measures related to the follow topics are applicable for sponsorship:

  • Consulting on qualifications and continued professional development (A)
  • Systematic human resources development (B)

Each company and branch location can be sponsored in both key areas. Key area A can be sponsored for up to 10 work days; key area B can be sponsored for up to 20 work days.

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