“Everyone else is doing it. Should I be too?” Tweeting lemmings…

The 3rd webscout congres

At this year’s webscout congress, set to take place in Karlsruhe on May 23, there will be plenty of facts and figures on anything and everything to do with social media. Apart from this year’s key topic regarding laws and searches, a variety of case studies will look at the issue of Web monitoring and cleaning from the point of view of companies and agencies. Steinbeis is backing the event as a media partner.

A number of communications managers are now more skeptical and level-headed when they hear people describe Facebook, Twitter and co. as “must-haves.” Are they really? Or are they just a short-term instrument for quickly gathering friends, followers and likes? Does all this attention actually translate into leads, i.e., a successful way to forge contacts with potential buyers? Wow, 175,000 fans. What now?

These issues will be discussed at the webscout congress in Karlsruhe, which takes place this year for the third time. Another key topic at the congress will be Web monitoring. Wherever high volumes of material are published, people also openly discuss opinions. Delegates will approach the issue from various angles and outline legal restrictions. The congress will finish with a get-together and music. Delegates will also have an opportunity to get to know the speakers in person and engage in conversation the evening before the event. The number of congress participants is limited to 100. Delegates can register online.


Dr. Nadine Höchstötter
webscout GmbH (Karlsruhe)

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