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Steinbeis Innovation Center received award

The Steinbeis Innovation Center for Logistics and Sustainability in Sinsheim has been recognized for its “Where Education and Sustainability” initiative. Spearheading a competition called “Ideas for Future Initiatives” are dm, the German drugstore chain and the UNESCO Commission. With their initiative, the two partners want to support local individuals who make a contribution to the future of our society.

Jens-Jochen Roth, head of the Steinbeis Innovation Center, has been successfully providing courses and staff training on sustainability for years. He joined forces with the vocational Max Weber School in Sinsheim to kick off the “Where Education and Sustainability” project. Its goal: to more firmly anchor an awareness of sustainability into the school curriculum. dm customers voted his project the winner. The initiative was recognized with a €1,000 prize presented by Prof. Götz W. Werner, dm’s founder.

“Where Education and Sustainability” unfolds in the classroom, but field trips impart learning, too. The project also draws on partnerships with companies and public bodies. The initiative is designed to encourage students to think more about ecological and social issues not just economic ones. This is done by through a series of modules based on the existing curriculum. 

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