Consulting spotlight

Short consulting sessions by the Steinbeis foundation

Complimentary consultations for SMEs

With its short consulting sessions, the Steinbeis Foundation helps small and medium-sized businesses tap into sources of technology and knowledge. The aim is to open the door to the latest scientific findings and technology. Other benefits of these sessions include direct contact with the Steinbeis network of experts and sound business advice.

Requests for a short consulting session can be submitted by companies, representatives of various chambers, the Baden-Württemberg bank, institutions of economic development and managing directors of Steinbeis Enterprises, specifying what the session needs to address. All forms can be found online. Short consulting sessions must meet the following criteria:

  • The organization’s head office must be in Baden-Württemberg
  • Annual revenue (last financial year) cannot exceed € 100 million
  • Only one session per year
  • Applications, decisions and contracting are managed by Steinbeis
  • The session is free of charge


Online conflict resolution process for European companies

Steinbeis Consulting Centre coordinates EU pilot project

Dr. habil. Gernot Barth and lawyer Bernhard Böhm, head of the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Mediation, are coordinating and managing the Civil Justice (online mediation in cross-border conflicts) EU project.

As part of this EU project, Steinbeis Beratungszentren GmbH is acting as the lead manager with other European partners in developing an online mediation process to resolve cross-border conflicts. The project aims to put EU Directive 2008/52/EC into practice. This directive supports the use of mediation to resolve cross-border conflicts in a cost-saving and time-effective way. What’s more, the directive makes provisions for more training opportunities for mediators. Underlying the project is the idea of bringing cultures together in teams and companies – and bringing companies together.

To bridge the physical distance between opposing parties – as well as their mediators – the project partners are using a videoconferencing system called Concilia online for online mediation. Two conferences are scheduled as part of the project. These will focus on intercultural communication, co-mediation in intercultural contexts and techniques of using online mediation systems.

ESF program lends a hand

Steinbeis Consulting Center gains consulting accreditation

The Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Coaching has been accredited as a consulting service for the European Social Fund (ESF) Coaching and Skills Consultation and Staff Development programs of the Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry for Economic Affairs. 

Steinbeis consultants support, coach and advise small and medium-sized businesses on the planning and implementation of corporate strategies. The consultation services are financed by the state of Baden-Württemberg using an ESF grant.

The Coaching development program
This program funds coaching on:

  • Planned innovation
  • Cutting energy consumption
  • Demographic change
  • Corporate handovers
  • Collaborations

The grant covers no more than 50% of the coaching fee for a full day (eight hours), not exceeding € 400 per day. Up to 15 days are covered per topic and company.

The Skills Consultation and Staff Development program
This program funds activities in:

  • Skills and continuing professional development consultation (A)
  • Systematic HR development (B)

Applicants can receive support in both areas. The grant covers 75% of the coaching fee for a full day (eight hours), not exceeding € 600 per day. Activities in Area A are funded for up to ten days, in Area B up to 20 days.

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