Transfer 01/2011

Contents of the Transfer magazine 1/2011

Innovation management in machine and plant engineering
Product and service innovations: analyzing the status at SMEs
Enhancing the quality of life, together
Active citizenship in residential homes
Turkey’s power grid links up with Europe’s
Education for when it really matters
SHB graduate establishes medical training center in Beirut
Technology foresight for optical technologies
Roadmaps to assist SMEs in product development and strategic planning
Teaching for the long term
Steinbeis Innovation Center received award
Lifting the veil on advertising effectiveness
Measuring advertising effectiveness with real-time responses
Sunny outlooks in the world of virtual design
Innovation for recooling plants
Keeping close tabs on finance
The launch of a new financial management system
Training spotlight
What makes decision-makers tick
SHB PhD student examines the factors influencing the allocation of communication budgets
A discussion with...
MBA lectures series now also in Berlin
A new era of street illumination
Innovative solutions for illuminating streets and squares
Kaizen – change for the better
Steinbeis student project looks at optimizing material planning
Women make different investment decisions
Steinbeis researchers analyze gender-specific investment behavior
E-procurement – a key long-term competitive advantage
Optimizing processes at a medium-sized company specialized in parking facility management
Media crises – how to react when things go wrong?
The 2011 webscout convention
Pulling through the crisis in HR
HR performance management and its three core constituents
Consulting spotlight
Combining customer-orientation with standardization
The kebab principle – Steinbeis helps company streamline its variants
Well advised
Steinbeis Consulting Mergers & Acquisitions GmbH provides advice on a company acquisition
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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Transfer 01/2011

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