2009: a successful year for Steinbeis

Steinbeis concluded 2009 with excellent results. In keeping with the general economic situation, it was not possible to repeat the record turnover of 2008. However, with turnover at 118 million euros, 2009 Steinbeis enterprises sales were still 9 per cent higher than in 2007.

Especially Steinbeis research and consulting centers as well as the transfer institutes witnessed sales growth in their area. Business falling into the category of “Evaluation and Expert Reports” also enjoyed strong growth.

The Steinbeis Network encompassed 778 Steinbeis enterprises in 2009 (2008: 765), working in the business fields of Research and Development, Consulting, Evaluation and Expert Reports, and Training and Employee Development. Of these, 88 (82) new Steinbeis enterprises were founded in 2009, in Germany and abroad, set up by establishments of higher education, research centers, or individuals. Depending on the service emphasis, they are organized as Steinbeis Transfer, Research or Consulting Centers, as Steinbeis Transfer Institutes, or as legally independent companies. Each unit is managed autonomously by its manager and run independent as a “company within a company”.

Business success requires committed and skilled people. In 2009, 5397 (5522) people worked on projects in the Steinbeis network. Of these, 1358 (1392) were full-time employees at 778 centers. 3284 (3338) people worked on a project basis as freelancers. 755 (801) professors supported Steinbeis with their skills and knowledge in 2009.

Apart from a variety of seminars and specialist events organized independently by Steinbeis enterprises in 2009, three centrally organized Steinbeis events took place. More than 1000 visitors came to the headquarters in Stuttgart’s Haus der Wirtschaft to attend Steinbeis conventions and discuss issues such as energy efficiency and global competence management, or attend the traditional Steinbeis Day. The series of events will be continued in 2010: the Electronics in the Automotive Industry symposium is on 27–29 April, and on 1 December, Steinbeis University is hosting the third Stuttgart Competence Day, this time looking at “Competence. Personality.Education.” This year’s Steinbeis Day (24 September), provides a forum for networking and meeting key players from the Steinbeis network.


Steinbeis-Stiftung (Stuttgart)

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