Transfer 01/2010

Articles of Transfer 01/2010

Guaranteed quality, grain for grain
Automatic image analysis for quality control of cereal grains
Perception in the world of virtual reality
Steinbeis researchers examine Second Life behavior with eye-tracking
Electric thunderbolts under the hood
New high-tech materials for stable switching systems in electric automobiles
Multifunctional glass neurochips: an alternative to animal testing
Steinbeis and the University of Rostock develop a system for in vitro testing
2009: a successful year for Steinbeis
Attracting interest – fuelling motivation
Pupil’s laboratory at Friedrich Wöhler Grammar School
Tourism on the trail of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen
Professionally planned tourism for communities along the historic "Raiffeisen Route"
The shape of sensors to come
Keeping accidents off the streets with sensors and communication
Patents are treasure troves on the horizon!
New SIGNO standard lends uniformity to patent evaluation
SHB spotlight
Bundled competence
200 people attend the second Stuttgart Competence Day
Lean management – from production to after sales
New ways to improve competitiveness
Innovative Automotive Electronics – patented
Steinbeis TIB evaluates patents from numerous areas of technology
Join forces to shape the future
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum fosters dialogue on emerging technologies and business cluster development in Europe
Are all metals created equal?
A Steinbeis study on the range of UHF metal transponders
Horsepower for managers
Leadership seminar with horse sense
Adding certainty to investment decisions
NTG audits: easing access to financial backing
Get pumped!
Patented piston system for monobloc aluminum aerosol cans
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Transfer 01/2010

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