Transfer 01/2009

Articles of Transfer 01/2009

Lifting energy efficiency potentials
Slash energy costs and help the environment 
Using compressed air to save energy
Less compressed air consumption during plastic blow molding 
Machine cutting parts - and conserving resources
Using new materials in production 
Flexibility and efficiency with decentralized ventilation systems
Evaluating decentralized facade integrated ventilation systems
Networks for decentralized energy efficiency
Decentralized energy and network management 
Wasted heat? Not if you can innovate
Mobile latent heat storage and ORC for greater energy efficiency
The wide world of multi-touch
A fresh look at mobile user interfaces 
"The Steinbeis Foundation - an institution offering professional, work-sharing R&D"
Written by Professor Dr. rer. nat. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Max Syrbe, Chairman of the Steinbeis Foundation Board of Trustees
Inverse double magnetron gauge for longer life times
Cold-cathode ionisation gauge for total pressure measurement in the vacuum range 
First TQM Manager® Automobil receives degree
TQU training for automotive specialists 
Innovative ways to save energy for town planning
EU project POLYCITY promotes sustainable energy 
Simple, swift, special: just what the milkman ordered
Student at Steinbeis University launches “Milk run” logistics 
Tver - the center of Russia's supplier industry
A promising new partnership with Steinbeis 
Dynamic management succession - an opportunity in hard times
Company employees: today co-entrepreneurs, tomorrow sitting at the helm 
Deep chill car tunnel testing
A new way to make vehicle development more efficient 
Composite materials - protecting people and the environment
Using different composites to shield against radiation 
SHB spotlight
New ways to hand on the business
Skills spanning generations of company directors
Reinventing services in the mechanical engineering industry
Steinbeis student sets up innovation process 
Injecting more means into development programs
A material efficiency center to help SMEs improve their competitiveness 
Business + Innovation – Steinbeis Executive Magazin (B+I)
Steinbeis University starts publication of its specialist magazine 
2008: a successful year for Steinbeis
Raising credit in times of hardship
New financing options for companies 
Save energy with smart signs - in all sizes
LTN displays – low in cost, low in maintenance 
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Transfer 01/2009

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