The 2014 Steinbeis Day

A meet and greet event for the Steinbeis Network

While soccer fans were enjoying the summer and watching the German team kick their way to the final, Steinbeis also had good reason to celebrate. Since September, there have been 1,000 Steinbeis Enterprises in the network, spanning a broad selection of skills and know-how, in all fields of technology and management. Now something of a tradition, the Steinbeis Day provided insights into the services offered by the network, this year attracting around 700 visitors to the Haus der Wirtschaft (House of Commerce) in Stuttgart.

As usual, the whole day revolved around “Transfer à la Steinbeis.” There were 60 exhibitors in total at the event, engaging in technical discussion, providing information and using a variety of exhibits to present the details of their projects. Further information was provided in short talks in which the Steinbeis experts presented extracts of their project work. Excerpts of the talks can be viewed (in German) in the Steinbeis media library.

The development of the Steinbeis Network into an international service provider was also underscored by the workshops held in the afternoon. In collaboration with the Austrian Economic Chambers and the Steinbeis India Network, models underlying different aspects of international technology transfer were explored.

After the opening speech of Prof. Dr. Michael Auer, Chairman of the Steinbeis Foundation Board, the day started with the bestowal of the 2014 Seifriz Award. The Seifriz Award is a transfer prize of German skilled crafts that has been awarded for 25 years to honor successful collaboration between skilled trades and science. By tradition, the award is bestowed at the Steinbeis Day. It is awarded once a year by the Baden-Württemberg Skilled Crafts Conference and the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts in collaboration with the business magazine handwerk magazin, the Signal Iduna Insurance and Finance Group, the Association for Technology Transfer in Trades, the Ministry for Finance and Economics in Baden-Württemberg, and Steinbeis.

For several years, an exhibition of works by “Steinbeisers,” which is on display in Steinbeis rooms at the House of Commerce, has demonstrated how effective science and art can work in harmony. This year’s exhibition at the Steinbeis Day was opened by Dr. Philipp Liedl, an expert at STASA Steinbeis Angewandte Systemanalyse GmbH.

Over and above his activities for Steinbeis, Liedl occupies himself with painting, which he taught himself by looking at the impact of colors in a dialogue with shapes. The exhibition can be viewed in the Steinbeis building during normal office hours.


Extracts of the short speeches at the Steinbeis Day can be viewed by going to the media library at The next Steinbeis Day will take place on Friday September 25, 2015 in Stuttgart.

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