Dedicated Professor and Successful Businessman

2014 Special award winner

Prof. Dr. Joachim Goll has been awarded a special award by the Steinbeis Foundation for his many years of outstanding service to knowledge and technology transfer on behalf of the Steinbeis Network. Steinbeis thanks Joachim Goll for his support, which has always been constructive and based on mutual trust, and his successful dedication to target knowledge and technology transfer as director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Software Engineering.

Joachim Goll studied physics at Stuttgart University where he also earned his doctorate at the “1st Institute of Theoretical Physics.” He embarked on a business career started at SEL – now Alcatel-Lucent – where he worked as a systems planner and programmer, headed up software engineering and was appointed director of systems software. In 1992, Goll was called up by the former Technical College in Esslingen, today’s Esslingen University of Applied Sciences. While at the university, aside from lecturing, he managed and set up the software engineering degree program, establishing joint projects between school students, teachers and the university. He also launched a series of free summer school classes. Goll has written books on the introduction of Java and C, now standard teaching materials for students.

Joachim Goll first became involved in the Steinbeis Network in 1991 while working at the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Communications Technology at the university in Esslingen. Within three years, he founded the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Software Engineering (STC) there, which has enjoyed many successful developments and is an established, reliable and professional partner in the field of IT solutions used in automation technology and the automotive industry. The STC’s clients receive support with state-of-the-art technology and the processes required to plan and develop software or operate Linux systems and networks. Goll joined forces with colleagues at the STC to set up and support a variety of spin-offs through Steinbeis.

Goll’s work at the STC, at the interface to Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, is a prime example of the successful and targeted application of knowledge and technology in the field of business. His aim, through close collaboration with the university, is to provide an appealing work environment and act as an appealing employer of graduates with knowledge of the very latest technologies, simultaneously offering them a chance to gain qualifications in parallel to their work, including master’s degrees and doctorates.

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