Steinbeis Transfer Magazine | Edition 04/2014


The 2014 Steinbeis Day
A meet and greet event for the Steinbeis Network
The 2014 Steinbeis Evening
Highlight of the evening: bestowal of the transfer prize
Adaptive Control of Welding Processes
Laser Hardening of Camtronic Camshafts
Dedicated Professor and Successful Businessman
Feature Topic: Information and Communication Technology
Insights from Steinbeis experts
From Electromechanics to Industry 4.0
Automation technology: Communication systems set the pace
“The Innovation Process Needs Flexibility and Freedom!”
An interview with Professor Dr.-Ing. Jörg W. Fischer
Machines Learn How to Learn from Steinbeis Experts
Artificial intelligence in mechanical engineering: machines become capable of learning
“Our Goal is to Make Use of Meaningful Developments and Research Findings at the Frontline of Research”
An interview with Professor Dr. habil. Günter Haag
The Virtual Manufacturing Lines of the Future
A tool for use in R&D, teaching and process control
“We’re Creating an Ecosystem for Avant-garde Thinkers, in Which ‘The New’ Can Flourish!”
An interview with Ulrich Dietz
Yesterday’s News Sold as Tomorrow’s Revelation – or Simply the Industrialization of IT?
Cloud computing
“Together, this Creates the Portfolio of a Provider of Innovation Services”
An interview with Alf Henryk Wulf
Steinbeis Swipe!
The Governance structures of knowledge and technology transfer in Baden-Württemberg
Giant Steps Toward Transport with No Carbon Footprint
Steinbeis works as partner on EU project MobyPost
Retaining Digital Memory
Steinbeis experts safeguard the sustainability of digitization projects
Research Spotlight
Learning to Trust Again – Thanks to Horses
Steinbeis experts run pilot project with Women’s Correctional Facility in Vechta
Efficient Reuse of Compressed Air
Steinbeis researchers co-develop technology to accumulate exhaust air
Consulting Spotlight
Staying Warm on the Road!
Steinbeis student designs energy-efficient interior heating system for electric cars
Understanding the Market and Keeping an Eye on Competitors
Management Monitor: Steinbeis tool helps analyze markets
A Company is Only as Good as its Internal Teams
Using HR and organizational development to solve problems in daily business operations
Education Spotlight
Excellent Management Systems for Training and Continuing Professional Development
Training provider consults with Steinbeis team
Stepping into the Future: Shoe Size Measurements 2.0
Steinbeis researchers use LED technology and tablet devices to take foot measurements
Of Bathtubs and Underground Channels – Generating Energy from Wastewater
Steinbeis supervises innovation project for environmentally friendly power generation
Swabian Noodles? That’ll be Shaken, Please – not Grated
Steinbeis experts help entrepreneur from Tübingen get out of the starting blocks
Spinning a Convincing Yarn
Steinbeis helps develop fully automated process for using bonded materials in a circular-knitting process
Kickoff for the Industry Work Group for Virtual Aircraft
Collaborative initiative between LRBW, VDC and Steinbeis
Making Family Friendliness Measurable
SHB experts develop online tool for controlling the reconciliation of work and family
Future Prospects for Medical Specialists
Research team examines the career prospects for specialists at university hospitals
Soft Skills Helpful to Helpers
Steinbeis experts assist in disaster zones
Fresh Wind Fills Green Sails
Steinbeis assists with the introduction of an environmental management system
Cooperating to Create a Network for Sustainable Logistics
Steinbeis works with Leuphana University Lüneburg to develop concepts for vocational education
Sharing Experience Across Borders
Steinbeis Brazil organizes a German-Brazilian water resources seminar
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Transfer 04/2014

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