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First certificate based on DIN SPEC 91020 awarded

The Steinbeis Consulting Center for Occupational Health Management has successfully guided Elsässer Filtertechnik (Elsaesser Filter Technology) through the certification process for DIN SPEC 91020, a new standard for occupational health management. The company, based in Nufringen in southern Germany, is the first company to attain this certification.

DEKRA Certification Stuttgart confirmed that the company was exemplary in its development and implementation of company regulations, structures, and processes – to the extent that work systems and the business organization proved conducive to employee health and enhanced employee performance. In addition, employees are instructed in work behaviors which promote health.

The new specification surpasses mere legal obligations for workplace health and safety, as well as measures for occupational health promotion. The requirements laid out by DIN SPEC 91020 are based on an existing management system, like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, SCC or BS OHSAS 18001.

Strict adherence to a certified health management program helps companies to sustainably improve their own performance: These companies are more attractive as responsible employers and business partners. They increase profitability by preventing costly employee downtime, and they motivate their employees by providing a safe and performanceenhancing work environment.

Brief Steinbeis Consulting

Free consultations for SMEs

Through free, brief consultation sessions, Steinbeis gives small and medium-sized enterprises access to technology and knowledge sources. Companies can tap into a network of Steinbeis experts, receive comprehensive consultation services, and receive a wide variety of information on new products, technologies, and processes.

These brief consultation sessions can be requested by the companies themselves, or they can be brokered through chamber representatives, the L-Bank, institutions which promote trade and industry, or Steinbeis enterprise directors. Simply specify the desired consultation topic. Forms for this are available online.

To be eligible for a brief consultation, your company must:

  • be headquartered in Baden-Württemberg
  • have had an annual turnover of less than 100 million euro (in the previous year)
  • have had no prior consulting session this year (only one session per year)
  • have formally applied (proposal, approval, formal agreement from Steinbeis)


Sonja Zellmann
Steinbeis Consulting Centers (Stuttgart)

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