Feature Topic: Life Sciences

Insights from Steinbeis Experts

When it comes to future fields of technology, the life sciences top the list. But at the same time, few technologies are subject to so much criticism in general discussion as genetic engineering and pharmaceutical technology. TRANSFER takes a look behind the scenes of a variety of areas of research in this specialist field. Prof. Dr. Hans-Heino Ehricke, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Image Processing and Information Technology in Medicine, shows how telemedicine is paving the way forward. In an interview, Dr. Martin Vogel, director of the Steinbeis Research Center for Medical Technology and Biotechnology, takes a stance on the challenges to be faced in medical technology in the decades to come. In the article featuring Prof. Dr. med. Daniel König (Steinbeis Transfer Center for Health Promotion and Metabolism Research), the broad field of healthy nutrition is examined, as well as the implication for the food and drink industry. Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kimmich, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Quality Management in the Food Industry, discusses the role played by quality management systems in the industry. In the article featuring Prof. Dr. med. Gerd Auffarth, we are almost literally allowed to look into the discipline of ophthalmology. Dr.-Ing. Niels Grabe, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Medical Systems Biology (MSB), gives us an introduction to the emerging discipline of systems biology. The feature on Prof. Dr. Thomas F. Meyer highlights the challenges posed by high-throughput projects in the fields of biomedicine, pharmacology and infection research at the Steinbeis Innovation Center for Systems Biomedicine. Finally, Prof. Dr. Marcus Groettrup introduces the current status of his research into the treatment of autoimmune disease at the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Immunoproteasome Drug Targeting.

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