Steinbeis Transfer Magazine | Edition 03/2014


Fresh Hometown Furniture Design for the Big, Wide World
Steinbeis Supports Startups
Feature Topic: Life Sciences
Insights from Steinbeis Experts
Enter Health Telematics
The Advent of Health Telematics is Triggering New Treatment Models in the Health Care Industry
“We Need More of These Kinds of ‘Simple’ Solutions!”
An Interview with Dr. Martin Vogel
Healthy Eating, the Food and Drink Industry, Public Health – Areas Fraught with Difficulty or an Opportunity?
What do we Need to Enjoy a Long and Healthy Life?
“The Main Priority is that Food is Safe”
TRANSFER Magazine Talks to Professor Dr. Reinhard Kimmich
“Developments in Ophthalmology are Nothing Short of Breathtaking”
An Interview for TRANSFER Magazine with Professor Dr. med. Gerd Auffarth
“The Concept is Understood – and Certainly, Further Development will be Crucial”
An Interview for TRANSFER Magazine with the Associate Professor Dr.-Ing. Niels Grabe
“Using Bioinformatics to Travel New Roads in Counteracting Infections and Cancer”
TRANSFER Magazine Talks to Professor Dr. Thomas Meyer
New Treatment Method for Autoimmune Diseases
An Unexpected Discovery Results in a New Steinbeis Enterprise
No Connection Without this Packet
Steinbeis Team Tests VoIP Terminals
Company Competence: Understanding. Management. Implementation.
A Look Back at the 2014 Steinbeis Consulting Day
Plug&Produce – an Innovation Enters Production
Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum Works as a Partner on the EU project I-RAMP3
Consulting Spotlight
Focusing on Customers
Steinbeis Student Analyzes Key Account Management Structures at Carl Zeiss
Adding Shine to Material Surfaces
Steinbeis Experts Develop Precision-eroding Process
The Milling and Machining of Natural Fiber Plastics
Steinbeis Team Conducts Research into Bio-based Polymers
Education Spotlight
Real Estate Consultants Put to the Test
Steinbeis Report Certifies Expertise of Real Estate Agents and Property Managers
“Sound Human Resources Development is Guided by the Concept of Evidence-based Management”
An Interview with Dr. Viktor Lau
Proactive, not Reactive
Steinbeis Team Develops Training Modules for Robust Processes
Wow, that’s Efficient!
Steinbeis Educates Vocational Trainees and Teachers in Energy Efficiency
Research Spotlight
An Attractive Network – Both Virtual and Real
Steinbeis Designs New Website for Bremer Strassenbahn AG
Measuring In-house Levels of Innovation
Steinbeis Transfer Institute Develops Tool Kit for Systematic Innovation Management
A Dentist With a Novel Business Idea
Steinbeis Startup Voucher for a Professional Kick-off to Business
Cleaning Up
Steinbeis Student Develops Relaunch Strategy for Product Portfolio
Steinbeis Transfer magazine

Transfer 03/2014

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