2014 Readers’ Survey

Outstanding response will help make TRANSFER even better

At the beginning of the year some 800 readers shared their opinions with us – and we send you our heartfelt thanks! By participating in our Readers’ Survey, you provided us with valuable feedback on the aspects of TRANSFER you particularly value, where there is room for improvement and what you would like to see in the future.

Quality of articles
91% of respondents scored our articles as “good” or “very good.” Feedback included not only requests for more in-depth information, but also for fewer technical details. We will continue to try to strike the right balance here.

Magazine layout and photos
95% of respondents rated the images and diagrams in TRANSFER as “good” or “very good.” We’re pleased with this response, but will also use your feedback to make improvements in this area. Readers suggested more images and larger photos in proportion to the amount of text; while expanding the digital version was also on your wish list.

What article format do you most enjoy?
At almost 51%, the respondents’ clear favorites were our project reports detailing what has been happening with the transfer activities of our Steinbeis colleagues and partners in the private sector. Almost a quarter of the responses named news updates or interviews as their favorite article format.

Many participants also sent us suggestions, praise and criticism. Wherever possible we will your suggestions as a springboard for making further issues of TRANSFER even better and we’re always happy to receive your feedback at media@steinbeis.de.

Claudia Pulicher is the lucky winner of the iPad Air2 in our prize drawing for survey participants. A graduate of Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB), she received the iPad from Dr. Felicitas Mocny, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Institute for Corporate Responsibility Management at SHB. We hope you enjoy your new digital sidekick!


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