Steinbeis Transfer Magazine | Edition 02/2015


What is the Value of “the New”?
A look back at the 2015 Steinbeis Innovation Arena
“Not everyone has a talent for taking risks!”
A conversation with Bernd Kussmaul, managing director of Bernd Kussmaul GmbH
Feature Topic: Sensors and Image Processing
Insights from Steinbeis experts
“One major trend is the increasing use of 3D technology.”
An interview with Professor Dr. Jörg Eberhardt, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Vision Systems
Traditional Manufacturing Becomes Industry 4.0
Image processing today and tomorrow
“Now it’s all about getting on with transfer again.”
An interview with Professor Dr. Uwe Schmidt, director of the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Energy – Environment – Information
Biosensors get cells talking
Steinbeis experts develop analytical instruments for medicine and biology
“The direct interface between people and sensors will increasingly move into the foreground.”
An interview with Dr.-Ing. habil. Hagen Malberg, director of the Steinbeis Research Center for Applied Medical Technology
Convenient, reliable, affordable
Mobile photonic microsensors and digital image processing using smartpads
PHREALOGx: Precise, Productive and Lasting
Steinbeis experts develop operating system for a state-of-the-art sensor system used to measure groundwater movements
“One of the particular challenges is miniaturization”
An interview with Steffen Lübbecke, managing director of Steinbeis Qualitätssicherung und Bildverarbeitung GmbH
Standstill 4.0
Has our manufacturing been stuck on “needs improvement” for years?
Additive manufacturing and Industry 4.0
The 2015 Steinbeis Engineering Day
Research and Innovation Cooperation Extends Across Borders
Steinbeis supports science campaign in the trinational Upper Rhine metropolitan region
How Does Noise Affect Real Estate Values?
Steinbeis experts examine the impact of noise on the value of real estate
Research Spotlight
Our Digital Memory
Experts discuss the long-term archiving of our cultural and scientific heritage
2014 Readers’ Survey
Outstanding response will help make TRANSFER even better
Training Spotlight
When a Town Becomes a Classroom
Steinbeis project fosters sustainability education
Consulting Spotlight
Effective Entrepreneurship with Steinbeis
Steinbeis financial results 2014
Learning How to Learn
Steinbeis team crafts continuing professional development strategies for production technology companies
Steinbeis Transfer magazine

Transfer 02/2015

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