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New certification courses start summer 2014

Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) and the Steinbeis consulting division are starting an innovative university-level certification training program this summer. Based on international standards, it is targeted at corporate consulting divisions and the first certification training will focus on teaching both general and specific consulting methods.

In keeping with the Steinbeis project skills philosophy, the required methods will be taught through a mixture of classroom-based instruction and case studies, plus a live consulting project or a consulting task.

The courses are targeted at consultants, students and any other people working at companies who place value on continuous professional development, methods skills, networking, and success-oriented projects in a competitive field. The university certifi cate offers credit points in line with the ECTS scheme, providing a thorough understanding of the classic management and strategy consulting tools that are the hallmark of outstanding consultants.


Ines Gehring
Steinbeis Consulting Centers (Stuttgart) |

New ways to answer supervisory board requirements

Personal advice for companies and supervisory boards in Baden-Württemberg

There is a sea change underway in the kind of people who sit on company supervisory boards, and the current debate about “women quotas” is only part of the picture. More and more supervisory boards are looking for technical skills and there is increasing demand for greater transparency in how board members are selected. As part of a project initiated and sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for Finance and Industry, the Steinbeis Transfer Center Business Development at Pforzheim University has set up a database of wo men not only with management experience but also an active interest in becoming a supervisory board member.

The database, which is called “Top Women on Committees!” (German: Spitzenfrauen in Gremien!), can be used free of charge by companies in Baden-Wü rttemberg during the selection process of their supervisory board members. For companies, using a database to select exactly the right qualifi ed female managers for their supervisory board is entering new realms. But it is also an opportunity to improve the quality of their boards by introducing people who are in a position to draw on specialist skills and personal experience, and thus contribute to corporate development.

To get the ball rolling, a profi le must be set up for the future supervisory board member. This is where the consulting approach adopted by the center’s directors – Professor Dr. Elke Theobald and Professor Dr. Barbara Burkhardt-Reich – comes in. Working together with the company, a personal profi le is created to match the specifi c requirements of the company and take into account current and previous members of the supervisory board. A particular aim of the consulting services is to support small and medium-sized companies as they manage this time of transition. This consulting support is also free to all companies and supervisory board chairpersons in Baden-Württemberg.


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