Steinbeis Transfer Magazine | Edition 02/2014


A look back at the 2014 Max Syrbe Symposium – The Steinbeis Transfer Arena
Focus: Energy
Insights from Steinbeis experts
Solar thermal energy: from single family homes to multi-megawatt systems
A key technology for the transition of the heat market to renewable energy
“There’s no single concept that works for everything and everyone”
An interview with Professor Dr.-Ing. Dieter Brüggemann
Geothermal energy in Germany – local renewable resources
“An energy future built on renewable energy sources is in sight.”
A conversation with Professor Gerd Heilscher
Energy Spotlight
Looking for the needle in the haystack
Steinbeis software recognizes big data anomalies
Reforming materials under extreme pressure
Steinbeis experts develop high-performance reforming process
Showcasing products and arousing emotion with holography
Steinbeis researchers develop an interactive exhibition tool: Holographic Interface
Consulting spotlight
The town as a classroom
Raising sustainability awareness among vocational students
Ready for PLM?
Steinbeis helps companies maintain consistency in their engineering processes
Education spotlight
Spreading innovation with green packaging
Steinbeis is coordinating the EU’s Danube PIE project
Successful knowledge and technology transfer
Steinbeis financial results 2013
The perfect wind up
Steinbeis Center develops winding unit for fragile materials
Research spotlight
The planning, implementation and strategic implication of a customer success evaluation tool
Steinbeis student examines the contribution made by customers to company success
Out of the development department,into the world of business
A free-formed facade made from fiber-reinforced concrete panels on a high-rise building in Frankfurt
Abrasive blasting behind a protective water screen
Steinbeis process for absorbing toxic particles
Early detection mechanism for migraine patients
Steinbeis researchers develop new medical test for migraine sufferers
Insights into the work of a logistics consultancy
Steinbeis center introduces itself at the logistics day
International summer classes for students and engineers
Professional development courses at the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Automotive Engineering in Esslingen
Industry 4.0 – Opportunities and challenges for rural areas
12th Business Day held at the Technology and Startup Center in Schmalkalden
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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