Steinbeis Transfer in South Korea

Successfully shaping the international transfer of knowledge and technology

A Steinbeis partner enterprise established in 2014, the Steinbeis Technology and Innovation Centre - Republic of Korea (STIC) offers its clients consulting services as well as continuing education and training programs – making a valuable contribution to the international transfer of knowledge and technology between Korean and European companies.

One of the most important aspects of STIC’s work is providing support for the vocational training program launched by South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE). It aims to improve the nation’s industrial competence by applying lessons learned from modern European vocational training systems. The program supports participants for a maximum of three years as they train to become master craftsmen or complete specialized high-school diplomas. Training takes place in European countries or South Korea; after completion, graduates will work for South Korea subsidiaries of European firms. The participants’ training and travel expenses are paid by the South Korean government.

Because Germany and Switzerland are among the global leaders in vocational education and training, most of the program’s partners are German and Swiss companies. In close cooperation with the Steinbeis Transfer Centre Korea – Europe, the STIC looks for companies who are willing to participate in the program, supports the program for qualified university graduates, monitors its status, and coordinates the interests of all parties.

In addition, in October 2014 STIC organized the first Steinbeis Korea Day in Seoul, focusing on “German Innovation Strategy.” One of its aims was introducing South Korean companies to the Steinbeis philosophy and strategy. Some 100 professionals from government agencies, universities, research institutes, and companies attended the event to gain a better understanding of the innovation strategy of German industry and the Steinbeis network.

Many South Korean companies have been turning to STIC recently to learn more about Industry 4.0 and the German automotive industry. The Steinbeis partner enterprise offers German market research and helps forge networks between potential customers and a matching Steinbeis enterprise.

The core competencies of STIC include management consulting, training in business model development, and intellectual property management. It serves as a technical and marketing partner to South Korean companies as they enter European markets, thereby facilitating knowledge exchange. STIC also supports European companies looking to partner with South Korean firms. The enterprise provides both South Korean and European companies with tailored consulting services to help them solve problems related to R&D, marketing, sales, and technology-related partnerships.


Giwang Lee is director of the Steinbeis Technology & Innovation Centre - Republic of Korea, a Steinbeis partner located in Seoul, South Korea. The enterprise specializes in the commercial application of technology and training services, never losing sight of the on-the-ground realities of South Korean industry.

Giwang Lee
Steinbeis Technology & Innovation Centre - Republic of Korea (Seoul, Südkorea) 

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