Fitness for the 50+ Target Group

Steinbeis supports a personal trainer from Freiburg with his startup

Jonas Bünger has turned his hobby into his profession: As a dedicated athlete, he underwent training to become a state-certified physiotherapist and personal trainer, and in the course of his career he has worked at a variety of sports and health institutions. Having laid the cornerstone in terms of his professional experience, Jonas Bünger decided to take the plunge and become self-employed. Since August 2013, he has used his experience and specialist knowledge to provide clients with individual support in improving their wellbeing and quality of life. To get his new endeavor off the ground as smoothly as possible, he turned to the experts at Business Start-up, the Stuttgart- based Steinbeis Consulting Center.

Jonas Bünger faced the challenge so many people experience when they launch a business. To add to his specialist expertise, he needed business skills so that his entrepreneurial plans could be made into something financially viable. The experts at Business Start-up, a Steinbeis Consulting Center, took direct steps to assist him. Thanks to an ESF Funding Program that provides “EXI startup vouchers,” Jonas Bünger received a free initial consultation, followed by more detailed consultations that were subsidized at a rate of up to 80%.

With the help of Fritz Schneider, an experienced startup consultant, Bünger’s portfolio of services was optimized and the necessary marketing and sales campaign was added to package the entire concept into a meaningful business proposition. Jonas Bünger, who has made Freiburg his home town, now focuses his personal training services on the prosperous target group of people over 50, a segment which is not always the focus of attention. After offering a free trial to potential clients and conducting an extensive medical history, he customizes the training and nutritional plan, guides clients through their personalized training program, offers therapeutic massages and relaxation exercises, and even accompanies them to doctors’ appointments. The services he offers are provided exclusively at clients’ homes or held outdoors, eliminating the need to rent business premises.

He still needed startup capital to get his idea off the ground, however, so Jonas Bünger joined forces with his business consultant and prepared for a meeting at the bank with all of the necessary paperwork. As a result, he was quickly given a loan from the local bank. The key to success after launching his business was the challenging task of finding clients. Without media contacts or connections to well-known figures, the first step for a personal trainer is an effective marketing campaign, especially if there is limited potential through networking. By implementing the marketing and sales program he developed with Fritz Schneider, Jonas Bünger rapidly overcame this problem as well. He is now satisfied with how quickly he managed to build a solid client base. His professional coaching sessions are also getting good recommendations so he will continue to grow his network. Working with the professionals at Steinbeis paid off for Jonas Bünger: After successfully becoming his own boss, the young man from Freiburg now has big ideas for his future. He has mid-term plans to keep expanding and even hire staff of his own.

The Steinbeis Consulting Center in Stuttgart is an important partner and source of support for startups. Difficulties in the preparation phase and the first steps on the market are easier to manage with the professional support of the startup consultants. Many fledgling businesses are overwhelmed at the beginning when it comes to organizing all the things that have to be done and systematically checking each box. Ralf Lauterwasser, the head of Business Start-up, and his accredited startup coaches have experience in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs with these challenges.

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