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Wanted: Consultants!

Setting up a successful new business with Steinbeis – the EXI startup voucher

Steinbeis has been reapproved as a project partner for the ESF Funding Program for Business Startup Consultation. Sponsored by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Finance and Industry with funding from the European Social Fund, the program offers consultation vouchers (EXI) to entrepreneurs for free advice – without red tape – on almost all issues relating to setting up a new business.

The previous funding program ran from 2012 – 2014, during which time the founders of over 800 potential startups in Baden-Württemberg were helped to prepare for future self-employment. Steinbeis consultants can provide potential entrepreneurs with advice, support and coaching on the planning and implementation of a new business. Up to 10 working days of backing is available per business founder. To join the pool of EXI advisors, consultants must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Consulting knowledge
  • Management and organizational skills
  • General business knowledge (business and technical knowledge, industry and product know-how)
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to undergo further training
  • University degree or similar
  • Five years’ experience as a consultant
  • Expertise relating to startups

Funding the Efficient Use of Resources

Steinbeis provides L-Bank Baden-Württemberg with expert advice

Since 2012, Steinbeis has been acting as an expert advisor on the energy efficiency funding program of the Baden-Württemberg State Bank (L-Bank). The energy efficiency funding program enables small and medium-sized businesses in Baden-Württemberg to apply for subsidized loads for investments in their business, on the condition that these will result in significant energy savings. Steinbeis acts as an expert advisor to banks on issues relating to energy savings by providing the lender with the necessary validations.

Around 1,000 funding applications have been assessed by Steinbeis since the program was set up. In February, L-Bank expanded the existing energy efficiency funding program as part of a collaboration with KfW. In the future, small and medium-sized enterprises in Baden- Württemberg will also be able to apply for subsidized loans for measures aimed at saving company resources (e.g., raw materials, parts, consumables and auxiliary materials) and for measures that help protect the environment (e.g., air pollution controls, soil and groundwater protection).

The conditions and the process for submitting applications for investments relating to saving resources are the same as they are for energy efficiency projects. Steinbeis will continue to act as a professional partner to lenders and the state bank for the expanded resource efficiency funding program and provide expert advice on resource efficiency.

The resource efficiency funding program is divided into two parts. Part A - Energy Efficiency – offers funding as before for (a) individual measures relating to generating and consuming energy efficiently, (b) the construction of new, energy-efficient business premises, (c) the refurbishment of existing buildings to improve energy efficiency. Part B – Material Efficiency and Environmental Technology – will make it possible to fund measures aimed at saving company resources and measures with a general bearing on environmental protection.

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