Steinbeis Transfer Magazine | Edition 01/2015


Keeping Close Tabs on Online Security
The Steinbeis Malaysia Foundation provides support to CyberSecurity Malaysia
Feature Topic: Automotive
Insights from Steinbeis experts
Farewell Combustion Engines – Or Maybe Not?
The vehicle drive systems of the future
“I’m extremely optimistic about developments in the next five years”
An interview with Professor Dr.-Ing. Nejila Parspour
Mathematical, Logical, Highly Efficient
Intelligent tools for managing the breadth of variants in automotive markets
Testing that Saves Time and Money
Network and integration testing in the automotive industry
“The combustion engine has been and will continue to be subject to intensive and successful research and development!”
An interview with the experts at the Steinbeis Transfer Center Automotive Engineering Esslingen
The Easy Way to Improve Air Quality
Steinbeis experts develop an inexpensive solution for improving air quality inside vehicles
Car Mirrors – Looking Back on Developments
Camera monitor systems enable digital mirrors based on ISO standard 16505
“Multifaceted challenges in the automotive industry”
An interview with Professor Dr.-Ing. Roland Wahl
The Future of Transportation
Will tomorrow’s cars be determined only by technology?
Fitness for the 50+ Target Group
Steinbeis supports a personal trainer from Freiburg with his startup
Steinbeis Swipe | And That’s Progress? Really?
Thoughts on the Value of the New
Tracking Down Crime in a Virtual World
BMBF backs research project involving experts from Steinbeis
A Perfect Solution
Steinbeis team develops technology for removing protective film from prepregs
Tuning Tunesia’s Innovation System to Steinbeis
Steinbeis experts join forces in the country to set up a transfer system
Consulting Spotlight
“My hope is to forge good contacts through the Steinbeis Network”
An interview with Professor Dr.-Ing. Heinz-Leo Dudek
Rolling Up the Sleeves and Experiencing Technology
Steinbeis helps the next generation at the phaenovum school research center
Excubation: An Alternative Innovation Model
bwcon helps companies with the implementation of innovation projects within the organization
“For industry, internationalization stopped being a one-way street a long time ago.”
An interview with Jürgen Oswald, CEO of Baden-Württemberg International
Energy Efficiency Renovations. Who Foots the Bill?
Steinbeis study investigates the passing on of renovation costs for rental accommodation
Research Spotlight
Seeing Right Through Data
Steinbeis student develops concept for a new group reporting system
Occupational Health Care Management: The Benefits to Workers and Companies
Steinbeis Transfer Institute develops concept for older employees
“German companies should never underestimate the Chinese competition.”
An interview with Elliot Papageorgiou, expert for the Steinbeis Symposium of Security in Business
The Road to Europe 2020
SEZ works on “Good Practices” in the internationalization of business clusters in the Alpine region
Education Spotlight
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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