Feature topic: Material and surface technology

Insights from the experts at Steinbeis

Material and surface technology plays a central role in the manufacturing industry and is thus pivotal to delivering innovations. This edition of TRANSFER looks at the important role played by this field of technology from a variety of angles. On the pages that follow, a number of Steinbeis experts write about the technologies they devote so much of their time to: Dr. Alwin Nagel heads up the company Matworks and researches, develops and advises in the field of materials; Prof. Dr. August Burr heads up the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Plastics, which specializes in materials and testing, especially injection molding processes; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Jost, who heads up the Steinbeis Transfer Center for Raw Materials Development and Testing, explains his view on the status of material and surface technology developments; Prof. Dr. Britta Nestler and Michael Selzer conclude with their Pace3D project, looking at the future of technological developments.

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