Steinbeis Transfer Magazine | Edition 01/2014


Solar energy for schools in India
A pilot project looks into the possibilities of decentralized energy production
Feature topic: Material and surface technology
Insights from the experts at Steinbeis
The key to technological progress: materials
A frequently overlooked driver of innovation
“Research into materials and surfaces is a core building block in safeguarding Germany’s role as an industrial nation”
An interview for TRANSFER magazine with Professor Dr.-Ing. August Burr
New materials developed with time and resources in mind
Pace3D is a simulation software package supporting the development of materials
“New, outstanding materials are the most sustainable innovations”
TRANSFER magazine talks to Dr. Alwin Nagel
How competent is your company?
A Steinbeis tool for checking company competence
The value of your own people
Steinbeis and zeb carry out HR study at banks and savings banks
Design and development checks unveil potential
Work on successful Steinbeis projects being handed on to colleagues
Training Spotlight
HORIZON 2020 – the new European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Transfer talks to Professor Dr. Norbert Höptner
Bio-analysis “to go”
Steinbeis develops mobile measuring device to record toxicity
Cast from a single mold
Steinbeis contributes to the development of a novel battery holder made of a textile/plastic hybrid material
Zero emissions: E-mobility organized at a regional level
New business models needed as technology advances
Consulting Spotlight
The future of relationship management – at home and at work
SHB graduate develops processes for managing relationships based on optimized algorithms
Economic development as an instrument of urban developmental planning
Moving away from standalone solutions to project-based processes
TransNetAero takes flight
Steinbeis is initiator of a transnational aerospace network
Research Spotlight
Steinbeis Transfer magazine
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