SteinbeisART | 2018/19 Exhibition

Monika Hägele

  • Born in Buhlbronn near Schorndorf in 1966
  • Married to Prof. Dr. Volker Läpple
  • One daughter
  • Specialist nurse in anesthesia and intensive care
  • Currently working part time for a manufacturing company in occupational healthcare management, also providing assistance with project management in marketing for Prof. Dr. Läpple (Steinbeis Consulting Center Design. Materials. Standardisation.)

Contact Monika Hägele

"I currently associate painting with my personal experiences as well as my memories. At the beginning the emphasis lay in images that added structure, but later a transition took place toward softer shapes and luminous worlds of color. In the future I would like to think about creative design and experimentation, and I would like windows of time without judgment or having to deliver, in order to realize new approaches to personal perception and joy in forming images."

Artistic record:

  • 2018 First exhibition with SteinbeisArt

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