SteinbeisART | Exhibition 2018/19

Monika Hägele

  • 1966: Born in Buhlbronn near Schorndorf
  • Married to Prof. Dr. Volker Läpple
  • One daughter
  • Specialist nurse in anesthesia and intensive care
  • Currently working part time for a manufacturing company in occupational healthcare management, also providing assistance with project management in marketing for Prof. Dr. Läpple (Steinbeis Consulting Center Design. Materials. Standardisation.)

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Just looking at a picture triggers a process of dialog. Art is a reflection; it grasps us where we stand in life – assuming we allow it to. The effect of pictures on the outside creates connections in the eye of the beholder, offering a chance to enter into a dialog, perhaps with other beholders.

The two artists, Alexandra Maria Schumacher and Monika Hägele, would like the ART CONNECTS exhibition to visualize the interaction between different components: NETWORKS – DIALOG – COMMUNICATION – KNOWLEDGE – EMOTION. Networks allow people to connect to one another. In dialog and during communication, people can share their knowledge and expand their abilities. Art thrives on emotions and feelings through its external influence ... and that connects.

What connects the two artists? The courage to go outward with art and make a part of themselves visible. Intuitive painting comes into being through concentration on the things that the soul would like to express at a given moment – without a predetermined motive. The motive is life itself: one’s own voice, engaging with colors and nature, with oneself and the canvas.

Artistic record:

  • 2018: First exhibition with SteinbeisART

Art Book Alexandra Maria Schumacher, Monika Hägele

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