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Michaela Würtz

  • 1994: Degree in Media Publishing at Stuttgart Media University
  • Until 1997: Product manager at a specialist publishing house
  • After 1998: Freelance project manager at the Steinbeis Transfer Center management – innovation – technology (MIT)
  • 2008: First works with acrylic painting and mixed techniques during numerous seminars, courses, and workshops under different lecturers and artists such as Peter Feichter, Christiane Reinhardt, Richard Allgaier, Karin Schelling, Annegret Poschlep, Herbert Schmid, Birgit Guzman Batista, Petra Seibert, Brigitte Kramer, Karen Irmer, Ingrid Schwarz, and Renate Kutke
  • Since 2010: Member of the Upper Nagold Valley Art Circle Dealing with artistic topics and the projects they result in are particularly challenging, but they make it possible to work with others on a variety of shared art projects.

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During an intense period of training, mainly based on self-taught study using a variety of painting materials and techniques, the motives of the artist have evolved from primarily representational art to abstract art. Forays into the world of pastel chalks, portrait painting, clay sculptures, Japanese cloth painting, and watercolors have also been a source of fascination to the artist. As a self-employed artist, Michaela Würtz believes she will remain in the world of acrylic painting in the long term due to its multifaceted nature.

During her studies, she took particular pleasure in combining different techniques (printing) and art (book art, book design, and book production). Over time, her artistic interests increasingly turned to such supposedly contrasting topics, which eventually evolved into “her topic.” Her enjoyment of experimentation is expressed in her use of different materials and painting techniques, through works such as collages, frottages, mixed techniques, and object images. Combined with the technical topics and elements of her art, this variety is often reflected in her artistic work.

Artistic record

  • Villa Eugenia, Hechingen
  • Altes Schloss, Altensteig
  • Reuthin Monastery, Wildberg
  • Kreissparkasse Nagold
  • Empfingen City Hall
  • Heuser, Nagold
  • Nagold State Garden Show – Artistic signs and art factory
  • Microsys, Stuttgart trade show
  • Wuerttemberg Association of Engineers – VDI, Stuttgart

Art Book Michaela Würtz

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