SteinbeisART | Exhibition 2010

Elisabeth Fischer-Bolz

  • 1955: Born in Ravensburg
  • 1976: Studied interior design at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design
  • 1985 – now: Self-employed interior designer in Stuttgart
  • Independent artist for 20 years
  • Member of the "Botnanger stellen aus" group of artists [People of Botnang Exhibit]

Elisabeth Fischer-Bolz’s expressionistic art is frequently showcased by oversized paintings, with tremendous power and dynamism, the images shaped by explosions of color. Painted, encircled, unpainted, baled by lines. The resulting expanses of color suggest the shapes of objects, yet it is the color that is at the focus of attention.

Wooden sculptures – carved solely by chainsaw – enter into a dialog with the pictures to grant the beholder new realms of interpretation. The pictures themselves, untitled, should be allowed to be sensed by observers, without prejudice, and thus identified as a constituent of their own sphere of life.

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