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Dr. Philipp Liedl

  • 1974: Born in Esslingen (near Stuttgart)
  • 1994 - 2001: Studied physics at the University of Stuttgart
  • 2005: PhD at the Institute for Theoretical Physics II, University of Stuttgart. Topic: automatic early detection of quality fluctuations and malfunctions in cyclical and continual processes
  • 2005 to date: Working at STASA Steinbeis Angewandte Systemanalyse GmbH after previous employment at the Steinbeis Transfer Center of the same name in Stuttgart since 2001
  • today managing director at STASA Steinbeis Angewandte Systemanalyse GmbH in Stuttgart

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In addition to his work for Steinbeis, Liedl is a self-taught painter and is fascinated by the impact of color as part of a dialog with different shapes. His focus lies in the harmony between color and form. Harsh geometric shapes, peaceful in themselves, interchange with dynamic strokes of the paintbrush, motivated by intuition. Liedl often works with color transitions, from almost monochromatic varnish transitions to powerful color compositions. His pictures have featured in national and international exhibitions since 2007.

Artistic record

  • Since 2005: Close personal involvement in painting
  • 2007: Individual exhibition: The Spirit of Colours, Frisör Stick, Stuttgart
  • 2008: Gallery Lutz, Stuttgart
  • 2009: Individual exhibition: Worlds of Color, Algordanza AG, Chur
  • 2010: Group exhibition featuring the finalists of the 9th International Syrlin Art Prize in 2010, Antiques and Art trade fair, Sindelfingen
  • 2010: Galleria Poliedro, Triest
  • 2010: Individual exhibition: Color and Form in Dialog, Schönberg municipal hall, Stuttgart
  • 2010: Group exhibition: Dal Figurativo Moderno All’Astrazione, TIR Galeria, Nova Gorica
  • 2011: Individual exhibition at the Steinbeis Foundation, Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart
  • 2011: Group exhibition at the Mazowiecka Gallery in Warsaw

Art Book Philipp Liedl

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