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Founded in 1998, Steinbeis University Berlin (SHB) offers students and companies a variety of degree programs. Drawing on the Steinbeis principles of “project skills,” its courses place emphasis on actual business practice, dovetailing vocational and commercial training which culminates in state-approved degrees. The SHB also conducts research on the problems faced by businesses.

The education portfolio of SHB ranges from certification courses to full-blown degree programs and even studies towards a doctorate. The degree programs, which are designed to build practical skills and competence, offer students the opportunity to conduct projects with a sponsoring company. These projects have to be implemented within the company, adding value not only for the students but also for the company.

The SHB is a private, state-approved company and an enterprise within its own right within the Steinbeis Network. It is actively involved in entrepreneurial know-how and technology transfer worldwide. The service portfolios of the Steinbeis Enterprises range from research and development to consulting, expert reports, training and continuing professional development, in all fields of technology and management.


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