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With about 1.4 billion inhabitants, China is the most densely populated and in terms of its total area the fourth largest country on earth. China's economy is booming, megacities are sprouting up factories as big as small towns produce day and night and also in future technologies the industry celebrates successes - the country is well prepared for the future. Germany is also benefiting from this enormous economic growth, because, as for many years, China has been one of the most important German trading partners in the world.

Nevertheless, entering the Chinese market is no simple matter, as investing in foreign markets always presents companies with new, sometimes unknown challenges. In order to master these successfully, the companies are supported by experienced Steinbeis experts, who know the country and its peculiarities and thus are able to assist their customers with expert knowledge. As a decentralized network, Steinbeis is excellently suited for this purpose: the Steinbeis enterprises, which work according to the principle of decentralized entrepreneurship, are well equipped to deal with current problems.

If you have any questions concerning your activities in the Chinese market, please contact the Steinbeis enterprises listed below. These Steinbeis enterprises are experts with explicit experience in the Chinese market. All authorized Steinbeis companies can be found here.

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