Steinbeis Transfer Institute Therapeutic Communication and integrated Health Promotion


    • Transfer-oriented research in the healthcare sector
    • Practical staff training for specialists working in pharmaceuticals and health professions
    • Coaching and supervision of health professionals in the field of medical and health communication
    • Consulting in the field of occupational health management
    • Diagnosis of motivations and values
    • Advisory services and expert reports

    Key Areas

    • Core competences in health professions
    • Occupational health management
    • Health promotion
    • Cultural medicine
    • Sustainable health
    • Quality assurance and evaluation
    • Patient cybernetics
    • Prevention and stress management
    • Communication in health professions

    Project Examples

    • Certification course on “Caring and Healing” – training aimed at developing core medical competences for students of medicine and certified health professionals
    • Staff training on “Healthcare consultants & Patient Practice Managers” (patient cybernetics)
    • Staff training on “Diagnosis of Motivations and Values”
    • EU-funded project: “Data Protection in the Healthcare Industry”
    • EU-funded project: “Digital Skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals”


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    Horst-Bienek-Straße 13, D-14469 Potsdam
    Phone: +49 30 810541-87
    Fax: +49 30 810541-88
    Management: Prof. Dr. Hartmut Schröder
    (Stand: 04/21/2021)

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