Steinbeis Transfer Institute Research Center for Financial Services


The Research Center for Financial Services is carrying out research for the financial services sector in the area of banking, insurance, asset management and payment transactions.

Key Areas

  • Market research in different areas of the financial services market (banking, insurance, asset management and payment transactions)
  • Trend analysis and scenario development
  • Support in strategic management issues (i.e. business development, internationalization strategies, business unit strategies and target group strategies)
  • Conception and collection of market and association statistics

Project Examples

  • Banking
    • Financial services in East Germany- 20 years after the reunification
      • Analysis of the differences of private investors in Germany
      • Identification of the differences and convergence potentials 
    • Pension plan in Germany – Current situation and challenges by comparing East and West Germany
      • Presentation of the dissemination of different investment and pension products in Germany
      • Demonstration of the expenses of a provident nature for pension for German citizens
  • Asset Management
    • Infrastructure investments – potentials, investors and design requirements
      • Overview of the European infrastructure investment market
      • Analysis of the legal framework in several European countries 
    • Investment concepts and investment styles 2009
      • Description of the current usage and of the potential development of the use of several investment concepts and investment styles
      • Derivation of possible developments and future opportunities of asset allocation, investment concepts and investment styles 
    • Sustainable Financial Assets
      • Overview of the different approaches of sustainable investments, relevant organizations and legal requirements as well as several participants in the financial sector etc.
      • Description of opportunities to implement sustainability into the business model of retail banks 
    • Payment Transactions
    • SEPA Direct Debit – A success story for the European payment market
      • Description of the current importance of direct debits in Europe
      • Identification of success factors in the implementation of SEPA
    • Mobile Payment -where are we headed? Opportunities and risks for market participants in Europe
      • Determination of the requirements of consumers and dealers/point of acceptance of mobile payment systems
      • Derivation of business models for mobile payment which are supposed to make a widespread breakthrough possible
    • Mobile Payment: business model, applications, additional values and client expectations
      • Description of the possibilities to expand the mobile payment ecosystem by adding value-added services and the potential of such offers
      • Outlining the requirements for users and points of acceptance




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