Steinbeis Consulting Center High-Pressure Waterjet Technology


  • Consulting
  • Technology development and feasibility studies
  • Development/testing of components and aggregates
  • Continuing professional development (training sessions and certification courses)

Key Areas

  • Technologies for high-pressure waterjet processing (separation, stripping, roughening, surface patterning, 2- and 3-D processing)
  • Application of waterjet technology in metal processing, medical engineering, disassembly (such as nuclear power plant deconstruction), special materials processing, recycling
  • Technology comparisons for profitability assessments, trial processing
  • Quality and process capability studies
  • Design and optimization of customized process chains by component (e.g., waterjet cutting and milling)
  • Programming and optimization of waterjet systems
  • Patent consulting and expert reports

Project Examples

  • Feasibility study on the topic of non-ferrous metal processing
  • Comparative technology assessment: waterjet cutting vs. milling
  • Evaluation of component quality in waterjet cutting for chlorofluorocarbons


  • Training as waterjet employee, waterjet specialist, waterjet engineer
  • Seminars on the topic of waterjet technology (technology, application, facility procurement, system use
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Am Wachberg 24, D-86497 Horgau
Phone: +49 8294 306410
Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Kaufeld
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Pude
(Stand: 05/05/2023)

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