Steinbeis Research Center Agrobiodiversity


  • Support with the capturing and evaluation of vegetation categories in agricultural settings 
  • Monitoring of harmful and beneficial organisms in agricultural settings 
  • Diagnosis of harmful and beneficial organisms (microorganisms, fungi, plants, insects) 
  • Identification of the genetic diversity of harmful and beneficial organisms in agricultural settings
  • Running of laboratory experiments 
  • Running of field-based experiments 
  • Running of greenhouse experiments 
  • Breeding and propagation of weeds in arable fields 
  • Breeding and propagation of mushrooms and fungi 
  • Models and expert systems used in agricultural biodiversity

Key Areas

  • Fungal pests and corresponding antagonists
  • Flowering plants and beneficial organisms
  • Arable land vegetation 
  • Grassland vegetation 
  • Biological diversity in agricultural settings 
  • Agricultural usage patterns and their influence on biodiversity
  • Remuneration methods related to agricultural biodiversity

Project Examples

  • Monitoring of weeds in rapeseed fields throughout Germany
  • Development of a Web-based decision-making system for fighting weeds in
    rapeseed and barley
  • Provision of fungal cultures for use as crop fungi 
  • Development of diagnostic systems to detect lupine disease
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Satower Str. 48, D-18059 Rostock
Phone: +49 171 3181440
Management: Prof. Dr. Bärbel Gerowitt
(Stand: 05/02/2019)

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