Steinbeis Competence Center Interactive Data Analysis and Visualization


“Computers are incredibly fast, accurate, and stupid. Humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate, and brilliant. Together they are powerful beyond imagination.”
                                                                                       Attributed to Albert Einstein.

  • Research and consulting in the field of data analysis and visualization of big data
  • Solution of complex application problems through integration of data analysis with interactive visualization
  • Development of prototypes and application software in the areas data analysis and visualization
  • Courses in the areas data analysis, visualization, visual data analysis, and big data

Key Areas

  • Data analysis, machine learning, and predictive modelling
  • Visualization and visual analysis
  • Human-computer-interaction for data analysis and big data
  • Analysis and visualization of geo data, text data, multimedia data, and high-dimensional data

Project Examples

  • Time Series Analysis
  • Geo-Spatial Movement Analysis
  • Document and Text Analysis
  • High-dimensional Data Analysis
  • Engineering Process Optimization
  • Cyber Security
  • Criminal Data Analysis
  • Financial Data Analysis
  • Molecular Biology Analysis
  • Digital Humanities
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Universitätsstr. 10, Fach 78, D-78457 Konstanz
Phone: +49 7531 88-3161
Fax: +49 7531 88-3062
Management: Prof. Dr. Daniel Keim
(Stand: 12/05/2023)

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