Steinbeis Research Center Computer Graphics and Digitalization


  • Applied research projects
  • Geometry- and reflection property acquisition
  • Software prototyping
  • Consulting services
  • Expert's reports and feasibility studies
  • Courses and Training

Key Areas

  • Data Acquisition:
    • Capturing, processing, and compression of reflection functions from various materials
    • BRDF, BTF, BSSRDF, SVBRDF, spectral effects
    • Digital capturing, processing, and compression of light source radiation characteristics
    • Holisitic capturing of geometry, texture and reflective behaviours
  • Material Design:
    • Texture-, BTF-, SVBRDF-, and geometry synthesis
    • Editing and interpolation of measured materials
  • Parametrization of 3D models:
    • Support for non-manifold, self-intersecting models with low connectivity ("polygon soup")
    • Widely automated processing of big data sets
    • Automated shadow baking
  • Real Time Graphics (Unity, Unreal):
    • High performance visualization of realistic materials
    • Interactive material editing
    • Video streaming, especially to mobile- and low-cost devices  
  • Augmented Reality (AR):
    • Tracking
    • Illumination harmonization
  • Content-based Search in 3D-Data Sets:
    • Automatic indexing and classification
    • Query-by-example
    • Browsing
  • Image Processing (2D):
    • Automatic and semi-automatic object segmentation
    • Camera pose estimation
  • Product Configuration:
    • Feasibility analysis
    • Automatic generation of configuration propositions

Project Examples

Ongoing projects:

  • Since 2012: Consulting and support for automatic variant configuration and image generation in the Volkswagen Car Configurator
  • Since 2016: Automatic generation of UV-layouts for polygon soups for texture mapping and shadow calculation in real time graphics applications
  • Since 2016: High performance visualization and editing of measured materials within the real time graphics engines Unity and Unreal
  • Since 2017: Study of illumination harmonization for augmented reality applications

Completed projects:

  • (BMWi) 2008-2010, in cooperation with RSS GmbH: Development of efficient methods for the automatic reconstruction and visualization of high resolution 3D city models
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