Steinbeis Research Center Design and Systems


  • Applied, interdisciplinary research and development in the field of digital information and communication media
  • Development and design of new types of information and communication tools (knowledge tools)
  • Planning, conception and realization of sustainable exhibition-concepts and holistic installations
  • Prototype development
  • Strategic consulting

Key Areas

  • Placement of complex know-how with digital media
  • Research of new knowledge technologies and future-concepts for digital communication
  • Problem analysis for networked industry, society and cultures
  • Implementation of digital, experimental concepts aimed at optimizing the activities of industry and science
  • Expansion of the application areas of digital tools and adaptation to specific application scenarios
  • Development of new application areas with digital communication
  • Prototyping and realisation of projects in the area of:
    Information-Design, Augmented- and Virtual Reality, Interface-Design, Realtime-Visualisation, Data-Visualisation, Mobile Computing, Computational-Design, Realtime 3D Applications and Renderings Physical Computing and new technologies, development of Interfaces

Project Examples

  • »Extended-Paper« Interactive Augmented-Reality product catalogue (Coperion GmbH)
  • »Interactive-Spine« Development of an interactive spine (Spontech AG)
  • »Filter-Simulation« Application to simulate product-flow (Coperion GmbH)
  • »DICE« Conception and interface-development of a showcar (Daimler AG)
  • »Virtuelle Brauerei« Realisation and installation of a virtual brewery-guidance (Brauerei Gutmann)
  • »Interaktive Panoramawand« Multi-User-Installation for the »Information-center Naturpark Altmühltal« (Landkreis Eichstädt)
  • »TNI« Interfacedesign for medical devices (TNI-Medical)
  • »AR-Viewer« Augmented Reality plant simulation and development of an AR-interface (Coperion GmbH)
  • »SWR Nachrichtenportal« Conception of an innovative news-portal (Südwestrundfunk)
  • »Alumina Plant Simulation« Interactive industrial complex for alumina manufacturing (Coperion GmbH)
  • »Coperion-Multi-Touch« Development of an interactive plant including interface (Coperion GmbH)
  • »Webbasierte Vertriebsstrukturen« Conception of a new distribution-portal (Wittenstein AG)


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

Aided by ai: predictive maintenance using digital twins (Transfer 3/2019)
Steinbeis experts from Würzburg and Koenig & Bauer Coding revolutionize service and maintenance
Everything revolves around people (Transfer 2/2019)
A team of Steinbeis experts from Würzburg successfully forges a link between people and technology
Saskia – an app that helps with the pronunciation of sibilants (Transfer 1/2015)
Student project on a concept to help children with speech difficulties
Showcasing products and arousing emotion with holography (Transfer 2/2014)
Steinbeis researchers develop an interactive exhibition tool: Holographic Interface
Too real to be true (Transfer 2/2013)
Steinbeis develops interactive product catalog

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Friedenstrasse 5, D-97072 Würzburg
Phone: +49 931 784710-51
Fax: +49 931 784710-53
Management: Prof. Erich Schöls
Prof. Ulrich Braun
Dipl.-Des. Sebastian Gläser, M.A.
(Stand: 06/01/2021)

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