Steinbeis Transfer Center Personalized Medicine


  • Development and validation of biomarkers
  • Biostatistical and bioinformatic analyses
  • Design and analysis of experiments and clinical studies
  • Analysis of big data including graphical processing and interpretation of results
  • Training courses in the fields of statistics, statistical software and mathematics
  • Functional genomics projects: transcriptomics, metabolomics, genotyping, sequencing
  • Approval of medical devices
  • Consulting on patent applications

Key Areas

  • Personalized, predictive medicine (precision medicine)
  • Development of diagnostic, prognostic and theragnostic markers
  • Patient-specific statistical/machine learning methods
  • Biocompatibility
  • Software development (R, Bioconductor, Python)
  • Biobanking

Project Examples

  • Development of multi-parameter sepsis scores
  • Implementation of an R package for the analysis of RFLP data
  • Development of normalization procedures for targeted metabolomics data
  • Maker identification and validation
  • Biomarker patents


  • Introduction to biomarker research
  • Introduction to statistical software R
  • Analysis of gene expression data


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Fax: +49 7720 30747-27
Management: Prof. Dr. Matthias Kohl
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Deigner
(Stand: 03/27/2024)

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