Steinbeis Research Center Solar and sustainable Thermic Energysystems (Solites)


Solites works in the fields of solar energy and future-proof thermal energy systems. As a Steinbeis Enterprise, our areas of interest lie beyond conventional planning services:

Research and development
As part of our core competencies in energy, thermal energy and technology systems, we conduct research and development projects on behalf of public funding authorities as well as companies.

Technology transfer
Solites transfers acquired knowledge into business practice. This is carried out by drawing on the very latest Web technology and classic instruments of technology transfer.

Industrial cooperation
In direct partnership with business and industry associations, we provide solutions relating to the new and ongoing development of energy systems, production technologies and products.

Technical and strategic consulting
Solites consults businesses, associations and public authorities on technical issues, especially of a strategic nature relating to regenerative thermal energy systems. The high standards of our work are reflected by our membership in a variety of expert bodies

Key Areas

Solites always views energy systems within the context of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. We check for technical feasibility and the prevailing conditions at each location. One of our main focuses lies in the strategic planning of energy systems from an economical point of view.

Energy saving
We work up a carefully geared package of measures to save energy, looking at manufacturing companies’ energy flows, possible energy distribution systems and heat, cold, electricity and process energy evaluations – from the shell of the building, to the actual construction technology.

Energy efficiency
This is supplemented with energy efficiency measures ranging from generating energy via distribution systems to heat and cold transfer to the consumer, resulting in tangible economic benefit; often a prerequisite for introducing sustainable energy.

Renewable energy sources
We define and process renewable energy as solar energy, geothermal energy, the use of biomass and the extraction of waste heat. As a rule, this also includes the use of wind energy and similar sources for generating electricity.

Solites investigates thermal energy systems capable of generating, distributing and using thermal sources, associated electricity production, and the cold energy sources.

Solar thermal energy
We work with large-scale solar thermal energy equipment measuring between 20 and 20,000 square meters and ranging from individual units to entire integrated systems.

Geothermal energy
In the field of geothermal energy sources, we focus primarily on geothermal borehole heat exchange systems and ground-source heat pumps.

We consider biomass to be a carbon-reduced source of energy, which we use in isolation or in combination with carbon-free energy sources.

Combined heat and power generation
We use combined heat and power generation and waste heat on system optimization projects involving complex integrated energy supply.

Seasonal heat storage
Solites is a technology leader in the field of construction methods, system technology and application options in subsoil integrated heat accumulators. Most storage facilities are used for seasonal heat storage purposes or for the contingency storage of waste heat, peak production output, etc. To find out more, go to

As a rule, we also take the overall context of an energy system into account when looking at individual components.

Integral energy concepts
We plan future-ready energy concepts that integrate the whole spectrum of possibilities to reduce carbon emissions and optimize economic viability.

Simulation and dimensioning
Using anything from the dynamic simulation of individual components to complex energy systems, we dimension innovative systems, taking possible changes in prevailing conditions into account. We also optimize the operation of pilot plants.

Project support
We carry out and provide support with research and pilot projects. Our field of interest ranges from very first steps to project management, implementation, coordination, support, assessment and evaluation.

The evaluation of our work underpins our belief in the scientific principles we apply to our work. As experts in our field, we also assess the output of pilot plants, market developments, etc.

Project Examples

For a list of recent projects we have worked on, see our Website


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