Steinbeis-Forschungszentrum Technology Management North East


  • Management of EU and innovation projects in the fields health economy, biotechnology, environmental technology and renewable energies
  • Consulting and coaching of technology SMEs for internationalization and innovation management
  • Seminars and Training on EU applications, management and use of research results
  • Access to partners through the Enterprise Europe Network and Baltic Sea network ScanBalt

Key Areas

  • Project management and the coordination of technology research consortia
    • Project planning
    • Proposal submissions
    • Project support
      • Administrative management
      • Internal organization, coordination
      • Third-party communication, external communications
      • Technology transfer, evaluation
      • Forging networks
      • Management services
    • International project organization, focusing on northern and north-eastern Europe
    • Consulting and coaching of technology SMEs and R&D networks
    • Business startups, management services
    • Financing
    • Marketing
    • Sources of expertise and collaboration partners
    • R&D project planning including funding programs at a national, regional and EU level
    • Support with economic development
  • Seminars and training in the following areas:
    • Innovation management
    • Management of technology research networks involving universities and partners in industry
    • Project management
    • Needs-based continuing professional development in cooperation with Steinbeis University

Project Examples

  • Research management involving a nationwide consortium (German universities, hospitals and companies) centering on medical bio-systems technology
  • Coordination of a research network involving life sciences in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Administrative support on a project involving international technology transfer projects in ophthalmology
  • Business coaching on the setting up of startups in the field of marine biotechnology
  • Preliminary consulting and sourcing of experts for an SME working in life sciences
  • Joint planning and setting up of an international continuing professional development program in the field of IP management
  • Seminars on innovation management, research management and project management
  • Organization and running of workshops, scientific colloquia and trade fairs
  • Joint setting up of an international sector network in the field of life sciences
  • Consulting on the planning and submission of proposals to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and EU sponsorship programs, with an emphasis on life sciences and technology transfer
  • Coaching of technology transfer organizations


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Management: Dipl.-Ing. Frank Graage
(Stand: 04/01/2022)

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