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The Steinbeis Consulting Center is a project partner of the ESF Funding Program for Business Startup Certification backed by the Ministry for Finance and Industry with funding directly from the Ministry and from the European Social Fund. Consulting of business founders who want to start a business in the German state of Baden-Württemberg via the Steinbeis Consulting Center for Business Startups. A pool of qualified and experienced consultants are available for customers.

You will find further information and the current terms and conditions of the ESF Funding Program at:

Key Areas

  • Consulting and coaching during the startup phase
    • Short consulting sessions of up to 8 hours
    • Intensive consultations of up to 10 days maximum
  • Topics:
    • Founder personality
      • KODE analysis
      • Required skills and know-how
      • Motives for founding a company
    • Business plan
    • Strategy and organization
    • Marketing and sales
    • Finance and management accounts

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Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

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Brick by Brick: Making Intelligent Use of Circular Economy Methods to Create a Sustainable Economy (Transfer 1/2021)
How to make use of an ancient principle of nature in the economy
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The Fairest, Most Sustainable, and Sexiest of All? Wood-Material Lingerie from Coco Malou (Transfer 4/2018)
Steinbeis coaches help Stuttgart business founder to set up her own company
Music Running Through Your Veins – and Your App (Transfer 4/2018)
Steinbeis coach supports startup in the world of advertising music
It Doesn’t Always Have to Be Amazon (Transfer 4/2018)
Steinbeis mentors provide coaching support to young business founders linking up online searches with on-site shopping
Victory to Diversity (Transfer 1/2018)
The advantages of setting up a company as a team
Xavin: A Platform for Local and Emotion-Based Investments (Transfer 1/2018)
The Steinbeis consultant Mario Buric helps a team of business founders on the journey to self-employment
Advice for Startups over Breakfast (Transfer 1/2018)
A networking event at the gym
Microfinancing and Crowdfunding for Business Founders (Transfer 2/2017)
Steinbeis experts provide consulting services for state bank MikroCrowd program
The Quick, Quiet, and Low-Cost Road to an Eco-Friendly Future (Transfer 2/2017)
Steinbeis Consultant provides support with the setting up of e-scooter sales structures
The 2017 Hilzingen Business Founder Day (Transfer 1/2017)
Steinbeis expertise to be showcased at regional startup event
Climbing to Success (Transfer 3/2016)
Agile entrepreneurship
Lessons Learned: The Road to Self-Employment is Not What People Expect (Transfer 3/2016)
Extracts from the diary of a startup
New Company or New Manager? (Transfer 3/2016)
Two young graduates successfully set up their own business with the support of Steinbeis
Going up – Presenting a Business Idea in Very Little Time (Transfer 2/2016)
Steinbeis accompanies winners of the Regional Cup to the Baden-Wu¨rttemberg Elevator Pitch
Pioneering Spirit and the Steinbeis Consultation Support Program (Transfer 2/2016)
The Steinbeis start-up team backs idea behind interactive assistant
The Meeting Turbocharger (Transfer 1/2016)
Steinbeis lends a helping hand to software start-up
Fitness for the 50+ Target Group (Transfer 1/2015)
Steinbeis supports a personal trainer from Freiburg with his startup
Fresh Hometown Furniture Design for the Big, Wide World (Transfer 3/2014)
Steinbeis supports startups
A Dentist With a Novel Business Idea (Transfer 3/2014)
Steinbeis startup voucher for a professional kick-off to business
Founders’ open day for startups (Transfer 1/2014)
Steinbeis offers free consulting sessions
Backache? Never a welcome visitor! (Transfer 3/2013)
Steinbeis supports a startup company from Stuttgart as it walks the road to self-employment
EXI startup bonus (Transfer 1/2013)
Steinbeis consulting in the pre-startup phase

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Adornostraße 8, D-70599 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 1839-801
Fax: +49 711 1839-718
Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ralf Lauterwasser
Nadine Hooge, M.A.
(Stand: 05/22/2017)

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