STZ Rechnereinsatz GmbH


  • Concept development, management, and the optimization of complex measurement and test areas in global automotive technology
  • Focus on CAT (computer-aided testing):
    • Server and client operation, databases in CAT
    • Concept development and implementation of high-availability (HA) systems, archiving/backup systems
    • Development, operation, and support of measurement and evaluation systems
    • Network planning and network management, firewall planning and firewall management
    • Development of user software (system simulations, database applications, etc.)
    • Technical consulting
    • Process optimization
    • Spearheading of, or support and guidance with system integration projects in test areas involving hardware and software
    • Concept development, setting up, and commissioning of scale-out NAS storage systems for mass data used in measurement and testing environments
  • Modeling and simulation of MMI and automation systems
  • Test modeling for prototypes
  • Autocode generation for embedded systems and real-time operating systems
  • Vehicle logger analysis and assessment involving Carla, an in-house solution 
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Ulmer Str. 239, D-70327 Stuttgart
Phone: +49 711 6451500
Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Siegfried Eberlein
(Stand: 07/13/2020)

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