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As a competence center for across-the-board, cost-effective business management with a focus on strategic business development, we address

  • Strategy development
  • Organizational development
  • Change management
  • Management control
  • Interim management

The consulting center provides mid-sized companies with tangible ‘ways into the solution’ and solutions with a view to moving the company toward cost-effectiveness in all areas of business. The aim is to define hard-and-fast strategy approaches (illustrated and estimated as a company budget), thereby giving customers a clear direction for their company, complete with control mechanisms for actuals/targets. As a result, resources are used more effectively and processes become transparent. Equipped with this specific information, customers have what they need to make their companies more cost-efficient and to improve how day-to-day business is conducted.

In addition to real-world specialist training, the center focuses on imparting expertise in methods and soft skills. This ensures that the changes the company strives to make in its day-to-day business processes have a foundation geared to the long term.

Key Areas

Mid-sized companies in particular often feel they are unprepared when confronted with the effects of ongoing globalization: increasing pricing and competitive pressure, a competitive environment that is becoming ever more dynamic, greater competition between economies, and concentration of competition brought on by a clip of acquisitions. Parallel to this, credit institutes are being prompted by Basel II to stipulate a clear strategic alignment, sound knowledge of relevant markets and market demands, and transparent and efficient business processes.

  • Strategy development and strategy support
    • Fundamentals of strategic management
    • Development of vision, mission and corporate goals
    • Strategic and tactical alignment of company based on core strengths
    • Identification and development of strategic success potential
    • Resource-based strategy development using identified strategic success potential
  • Organizational development
    • Structure of processes that fit with business models
    • Design of processes that are stable and reliable
    • Efficient design of processes
    • Professional development for staff and managers
  • Change management
    • Development of a culture of change in companies
    • Targeted development of an awareness and sense of ownership for change
    • Development of job profiles and requirements
    • Support in implementation
    • Development of tailor-made models for goal-based compensation systems
  • Management control
    • Planning blueprints
    • Mid-term business planning (3-5 year timeline)
    • Market and sales planning
    • Introduction of strategic and working planning blueprints
    • Investment and liquidity planning
    • Balance sheet planning

Project Examples

SME in the metalworking industry:

  • Development and implementation of a corporate strategy
    • Vision, mission and corporate goals
    • Developed a strategy to reach goals and make the vision a reality
    • Developed a strategy team and coaching process (plant-wide)
    • Developed a corporate culture
    • Launched and supported the strategic and change processes in day-to-day business


SME subsidiary in the waste disposal industry:

  • Launch of restructuring activities plan with measures in place to guarantee optimized results
    • Implemented activities plan within day-to-day business action plans
    • Developed substitute activities for ones that did not prove feasible
    • Increased identification management using activities plans
    • Established a reporting structure to use with the holding company

SME in the metalworking industry:

  • Development of corporate strategy
    • Vision and corporate goals
    • Developed strategic guidelines
    • Worked out a catalog of activities based on a strategy paper
    • Implemented the strategy at the plant management level
    • Conducted coaching


SME in the service industry:

  • Design of a distribution network


SME in medical technology:

  • Crisis management
    • Got distribution up and running [developed a target-based compensation system for distribution as well as a reporting system, introduced sales planning, sales control]
    • Designed a customer service business unit
    • Developed a management information system
    • Coaching & change management
    • Warehousing & logistics

SME [global company] – in the technical wholesaling industry:

  • Designed and implemented an entire budgeting process (sales and revenue planning, goods deployment planning, personnel costs planning, cost center planning)
  • Designed and introduced a profit center calculation of distribution areas
  • Implemented the profit center in the management information system
  • Aligned the invoicing system to GAAP standards
  • Aligned the invoicing system to IAS standards (British investors acquired the company)


SME – in the industry sector for manufacturing ventilation-related devices:

  • Designed a planned cost calculation based on direct costing for an SME in air technology (industrial ventilators and compressors)
  • Designed and launched cost center invoicing
  • Developed multi-year business plans
  • In preparation for selling a company that was part of the group (aluminum sand foundry)
  • Supported international expansion in China
  • Supported international expansion in India
  • Designed and launched official corporate planning
    • Created daily reports on revenue complete with budget deviations
    • Planned sales and revenue
    • Planned staff and staffing costs
    • Planned production unit capacities in conjunction with sales planning
    • Planned cost centers
  • Corporate strategy
    • Designed a corporate mission statement that took all employees into account
    • Designed strategy meetings
    • Implementation
    • Made the corporate strategy relevant to every division of the company


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