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  • Marketing & sales consulting:
    • Strategic marketing and sales management
    • Strategy workshops, strategy coaching
    • Adaptive brand management
    • Sales control, sales cockpits
    • Customer relationship and retention management
    • POS and POC marketing concepts
    • Internal communications and internal marketing
    • Marketing, sales and communication monitoring
  • Marketing intelligence & research:
    • Design and implementation of qualitative and quantitative market research (MarketScan)
    • Analysis of target groups and development of target group models
    • Analyses of willingness to buy, awareness and acceptance
    • Analyses of markets, potential, competitors and companies
    • External and internal customer satisfaction analyses
    • Positioning assessments
    • Consumer and shopper insights
    • Analysis-based management and steering systems (causal analyses)
  • Project outsourcing & external project support:
    • Role as external project manager for defined projects
    • Recruitment of expert teams (brain-matching)
    • External project support (coordination, steering and accounting)
    • Project coaching
    • Project administration: contract negotiation, invoicing, project completion
    • Contacts to experts (networking)
  • Media & communication services:
    • Design and implementation of integrated communications
    • Support in selecting and managing agencies
    • POS and POC media
    • Ambient, buzz and guerilla marketing

Key Areas

  • Main industries: consumer goods, construction and building materials, trading, automotive, IT and telecommunication, aviation
  • Main activities: B2B and B2C marketing, service marketing, market research

Project Examples

  • DaimlerChrysler AG, Rastatt: Developed a service strategy for the Rastatt customer center
  • Harley-Davidson GmbH, Frankfurt: Developed a marketing concept for Buell, an ancillary brand
  • H.F. Bauer GmbH, Pforzheim: Developed an integrated positioning and CI concept for the Group
  • HILTI, Liechtenstein: Building brands with myths: Developed creative yet cost-effective concepts using non-conventional communications channels to spotlight and bolster the myth behind the HILTI brand
  • Brand Germany: Conducted an online expert survey to collect baseline information on how to lend Germany a forward-thinking brand image
  • Procter & Gamble Beauty & Prestige, Schwalbach: Increasing sales partner satisfaction: Conducted an empirical study and looked at ways to make the partnering model even better
  • T-Systems AG, Frankfurt: Evaluated and improved an awareness campaign about safety
  • Lufthansa Flight Training, Frankfurt: Developed and implemented a causal-analysis-based management and steering system to ensure high levels of quality and delegate satisfaction during LFT training sessions
  • Waldmann Lichttechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Villingen-Schwenningen: The interplay of color and design in office lighting – a color concept test
  • Heidelberger Beton GmbH, Heidelberg: Designed and ran vision and strategy workshops
  • KANN-Beton GmbH & Co. KG, Bendorf: Designed and implemented a customer satisfaction survey
  • Peter Beton KG, Rheinau: Image and customer satisfaction survey, marketing and sales coaching
  • Parador GmbH & Co. KG, Coesfeld: Developed a trade marketing model for the specialist wood trade, also reworked the POS presence
  • Siemens AG, Munich (IK): Designed and ran an SAP user survey to act as a basis in developing activities to boost acceptance
  • Siemens AG, Munich (ICN): Designed and conducted studies to measure internal customer satisfaction and structure activities for internal marketing
  • Bosch GmbH, Leinfelden: Optimized the POS goods display in the electric tools shelf within the ‘Baumarkt’ distribution channel
  • Kunz GmbH & Co., Gschwend: Developed a market introduction concept based on an empirical study of a new building material’s acceptance (architect survey)


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine


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