Steinbeis Consulting Center Mediation of Business


  • Consulting on bullying
  • Conflict prevention
  • Mediation of conflicts between two or more parties
  • Implementation of conflict management systems
  • Training of business mediators (Steinbeis mediators)

Key Areas

We help you resolve conflicts:

  • between organizations
  • between staff councils and executive boards
  • between managers and employees
  • between administration and specialist departments
  • between project teams
  • between companies
  • between organizations and clients
  • in the public sector, such as during the approval process and for conflicts between various interest groups
  • in intercultural and transnational settings

Project Examples

  • Training business mediators (Steinbeis mediators)


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

“Interpersonal factors should not be underestimated” (Transfer 3/2018)
An interview with Dr. habil. Gernot Barth and Bernhard Böhm, directors of the Steinbeis Consulting Centers for Mediation of Business in Leipzig and Vienna
Talk – Before It’s Too Late (Transfer 4/2017)
Steinbeis mediation experts work on EU project for resolving inheritance disputes out of court
Key skills for business mediation (Transfer 1/2014)
Steinbeis trains mediators
Solving conflicts quickly and effectively (Transfer 2/2011)
Online video mediation
Online conflict resolution process for European companies (Transfer 1/2011)
Steinbeis Consulting Centre coordinates EU pilot project
Successfully solving intercultural conflicts (Transfer 3/2010)
Steinbeis develops mediation standards with EU partners
The human element in R&D (Transfer 1/2008)
A conflict management system for projects focusing on technology



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Hohe Str. 11, D-04107 Leipzig
Phone: +49 341 225-1318
Fax: +49 341 225-41351
Management: Prof. Dr. habil. Gernot Barth
Jonathan Barth, B.Eng.
(Stand: 09/01/2021)

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