Steinbeis Research Center Simulation


  • Simulation, calculation and optimization (N-Body and FEM)
  • Test procedures for simulation verification
  • Visualization of simulations and simulation results
  • Rapid, short and rough simulation, pre-design simulation
  • Mariginal cost-critical simulation
  • Consulting and seminars
    • Simulation N-Body and FEM
    • CAD/CAM process chain
    • CAD training using PTC Creo

Key Areas

  • Rapid, short and rough simulation of products and processes with unviable calculations, simulation and optimization due to prevailing situation
  • Simulation, calculation and optimization of products, production processes and services
  • Technology and market research, feasibility studies, material studies, design studies, production technology studies
  • Implementation-based research and development projects, e.g., design services, prototype construction, design and product testing in quality assurance

Project Examples

  • Structural optimization of a nautical crane
  • Optimization of crew density in lifeboats
  • Verification of possible crew density in lifeboats using mock-ups
  • Concept development and design of a steering knuckle bonding device
  • Concept development and design of a test bench for bonding points
  • Development of presentation models for innovative products


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

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Management: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Ruben Maier
(Stand: 03/01/2021)

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