Steinbeis Research Center Automation, Lightweight and Process Engineering (ALP)


  • Automation concepts for lightweight construction processes
  • Contract planning for handling technology and special purpose machinery
  • Customer-related automation concepts

Key Areas

  • Manufacturing of pliable semi-finished products
  • Handling complex fiber-reinforced structures and preforms
  • Gripping systems for handover to lightweight construction processes
  • Interlinking of processes for automated production of lightweight construction components
  • Special purpose machinery and fixtures for process automation

Project Examples

  • Design and development of interlinking solutions in the field of injection molding
  • Component marking devices in high-volume aluminum die casting processes
  • Preheating modules for fiber composite semi-finished products
  • Gripping systems for flexible sheet materials (room temperature, preheated)
  • Picking and packing systems for geometrically indeterminate products
  • Testing facilities for components and semi-finished products




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