Steinbeis Innovation Center Logistics and Sustainability


  • Research
  • Consulting
  • Implementation plans
  • Project management

Key Areas

  • Transport of goods
  • Logistics
  • sustainability

Project Examples

  • Energy efficiency in logistics (promoted through the German Federal Foundation for the Environment)
    • TranSAFE-Alp: connecting Transport regional networks to Security and emergency - Advanced Strategy Frameworks of European and Alpine regions
    • Long-term port development concepts for the Rhine River port in Karlsruhe
    • Establishment of a network of vocational schools to carry out practice-based projects Sustainability and sustainable logistics in the 21st century (promoted through the German Federal Foundation for the Environment)
    • Measures to increase traffic safety for light commercial vehicles
    • Analysis of the fundamental principles of a port concept in Baden-Württemberg
    • POSMETRANS - Policy measures for innovation in transport sector with special focus on small and medium sized enterprises factors and recommandations for success and sustainability
    • ECOLOGIC (German: ÖKOLOGIK) – ecology, logistics, communications (promoted through the German Federal Foundation for the Environment)
    • Education and training for truck and bus drivers to improve traffic safety
    • BLOOM - bite-sized learning opportunities on mobile devices
    • Improvement of work and safety protection measures in the field of road freight


Steinbeis Transfer Magazine

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Steinbeis project fosters sustainability education
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Steinbeis educates vocational trainees and teachers in energy efficiency
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Raising sustainability awareness among vocational students
UNESCO award for sustainable education (Transfer 4/2013)
Steinbeis project honored for sustainability
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School students explore aspects of sustainability in Kraichgau
Real-time incident alerts for the Alpine region (Transfer 2/2013)
Steinbeis involved in TranSAFE-Alp EU project
Energy-efficient Logistics (Transfer 1/2013)
A plan for holistic qualification in the transport and logistics sector
Full steam ahead! (Transfer 3/2012)
A development concept for the Rhine docklands in Karlsruhe
The value of safety (Transfer 2/2012)
Steps taken to increase the traffic safety of delivery vehicles
Award-winning ideas (Transfer 2/2012)
Steinbeis project at vocational college in Sinsheim
Full steam ahead (Transfer 3/2011)
A strategy to develop wharfs on the Neckar river in Plochingen
Teaching for the long term (Transfer 1/2011)
Steinbeis Innovation Center received award

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Management: Dipl.-Betriebswirt Jens-Jochen Roth
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